Mamas In Need

Charity Partnership Program – Mamas in Need

At Mamas Hub we totally get mums, we also know that pregnancy is a very important time in a mum’s life.   In the Western world a mum gets pregnant, she starts reading up on pregnancy, attends antenatal classes, baby shower is sometimes organised and then she goes into a hospital to have her baby.  What a wonderful experience.  In other parts of the world, some women have absolutely no access to these books, or Internet or any form of pre natal or post natal care and do not have the basic needs for herself and her baby.

Mamas Hub now support this charity in Africa to help less privileged mums through these important stages in pregnancy and with post natal advice while providing food and clothing for these innocent babies.

Mamas Hub now donates 50% of Net Sales from the Preloved Designers and High Street Page to Mamas in Need.  To find out more about visit

If you would like to donate money to support this cause, please do so below.  Thank you

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