About Us

Mamas Hub is a company founded by Nina Kalu, a mother of 4 who herself comes from a big family - she has 6 other siblings and her mother is an experienced midwife. With this background, Nina knows and has experienced first-hand, the challenges of an everyday mum. In 2016 Nina saw a niche in the market for mothers and decided to fill it by creating this one stop shop where mothers can find unique products that can help alleviate the burden and challenges of their everyday lives.

Mamas Hub was born out of the challenges Nina was faced with during her nursing periods as she struggled to find items in the market that would support her needs and make her life easier. She had to contend with bladder weakness, abdominal split, leaking while breastfeeding, and many more.  From her experience, she decided to carry out some research to identify items rarely sold in the market, which would support mothers and make their lives easier.

The 21st century mums are busier more than ever.  They start their days very early and are busy with household chores until the kids’ bed time. Mamas Hub has designed some unique items to help mums cope better with their extremely busy lives.

Mamas Hub also welcomes recommendations on items you would like to see on our website.  Just send us an email and we will try our best to provide them.

As a small family owned business, run by a mum, we take so much pride in being considerate and giving you a very good customer service.  We understand that each mum is unique and so are their needs.

Mamas Hub also supports a charity called “Mamas in need” helping provide clothing, food and baby essentials for less priviledged mothers to be and their babies in Africa.